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If You Didn't Have To Believe

What if the afterlife was plainly visible above and below?

What would some of the implications be?

What if a person didn't need to believe in God? Imagine if Perdition and Heaven were plainly visible from this side of reality. What would some of the implications be?

For one, many people might follow the teachings of Jesus only to avoid punishment. Some would say you'd almost be forced to do good. Many more good acts would be done less for the sake of others and a love of God.

As reality is configured now, however, people become Christians without an absolute answer visible above or below. There were times when many more people were born into Christianity and felt compelled to follow it because of the times, but even then the dimension of the afterlife wasn't plainly visible. As reality exists, people who choose to be Christians on their own have faith because they believe there really is a God, but there is also an element of wanting/hoping for God and his love to be real as well, which is why faith is also of genuine good will and love.



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