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Fresh Start

A feeling of guilt can keep a person from returning to Jesus, but guilt can also help a person understand how to change for the better, feel sorry for what they've done, and help them ready themselves for a new beginning.

Then, a person can start fresh who really wants to come back to Jesus.

Some people may be hesitant to come back to Christianity because they start to feel guilty about choices they have made that they feel or know go against Christian teachings. However, a person should not ignore that guilt and decide to stop thinking about coming back to Christianity. Instead, they should allow any guilt they may feel to cause them to think about how they can change their behavior for the better. When looked at properly, guilt should also help them feel sorry for choices they make that may cause people problems. A person also wants to realize that the circumstances they are in when they make certain choices may prompt them to act in a way that they wouldn't have otherwise, which keeps a person from feeling more guilty than they should. The church can help a person understand the fullness of this process. Then, a person can start fresh who really wants to come back to Jesus again.

Another impediment to returning to Christianity that is related to guilt is that a person doesn't want to change their behavior, so they don't want to return to Christianity because they feel that if they don't hold themselves to certain standards, then they don't have to feel guilty about what they do. However, a person should think about whether they are just ignoring what they really feel is right in the back of their mind or they genuinely feel their choices aren't wrong. They should ask themselves if a God who is good would look down on them if they really weren't making the wrong choices.

Christians should keep in mind how people may feel in relation to guilt when trying to bring someone back to Jesus so that what that person may be internally struggling with is not ignored. The same is true for reaching people who have never been Christian. In helping people to Christ, Christians want to reach people on the deepest levels to show care for their souls in helping them on their paths forward through this life into the next.



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