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What Is Meant By Dark Times?

You may have heard about dark times and not understood it.

More literally, you may have even visualized a day where there was little to no light in the sky.

You may have heard someone talk about how we live in dark times and not understood it. You may have been on the way home from playing basketball on a sunny day when you heard it. When you heard about dark times, you may have had a hard time relating it to what you saw around you. More literally, you may have even visualized a day where there was little to no light in the sky.

Some people do live in very difficult situations on a daily basis, but for many people who don't feel the regular weight of serious illness or heavy social problems, for example, the idea of dark times might seem hard to relate to what they experience and see around them. However, for younger people who have grown up without even a real introduction to Christianity, they likely don't realize what has been held back from them--what they have been kept in the dark about. They may not realize how this has kept them from a deeper understanding of how to treat people, the meanings of life, and how the way society works could be much better in ways they haven't considered.

Younger people especially may not realize that much of the good that is still present in society today, including ideas about respect and love, often come from the influences of Christianity when its public presence was much greater, although many of those ideas and other positive aspects of society have been passed down in weaker forms as the former influences of Christianity have faded. Today, the light of understanding--understanding love, respect, the value or laws and institutions, real equality, purpose in life, where we ultimately come from and are ultimately going--has faded or disappeared from many places. For many people, it may not be until they have really seen that light that they realize what the darkness is.



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