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Fighting The New Enslavement

What is the new enslavement?

The new enslavement can be contended with by understanding it and making one's voice heard.

The new enslavement oppresses people while making them think they are being freed. While masquerading as the great supporter of what is new and free, it erodes actual liberality by trying to keep people from being open about their religious beliefs, owning their own goods, standing behind the protection of the law, and feeling equal in worth to others.

It pretends to support freedom of thought in the public, but it keeps Christians from being open about their faith. It reasons that the ways of Christianity are old and oppress free and modern thinking, when in fact, it has always been problems such as the selfishness in the human heart that have been the oppressors, the oppressors that now drive the new enslavement. The new enslavement also tries to undermine the law and those who enforce it by claiming the system is not compassionate. However, the erosion of the law only allows the oppressive more freedom to control other people and treat them as less than they are.

The new enslavement must be recognized for what it is to be stopped because it seems to be quite the opposite of what it really is based on the way it advertises itself. Christians will need to be keen-witted in dealing with it while maintaining their own innocence. Those of the public who are not Christian but desire real freedom and equality in society also need to open their eyes to this oppressive force, one so manipulative that it seems to be the opposite of what most people think. The new enslavement can be contended with by understanding it and making one's voice heard.



Jun 28, 2021

Mind-blowing Post. I believe we should all free ourselves from the Mental Chains the system is trying to impose on us. We should build our minds and combat it.


Jun 27, 2021

Thought-provoking post!


May 31, 2021

Absolutely right. We are said to be free in this time but we are not privileged to express our true intent! We must free ourselves from this mindset.

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