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Your Neighborhood And Jesus

Invite Jesus into your neighborhood.

Bring Jesus around the block by the way you live life in your community.

Christians, welcome Jesus into your neighborhood. Put up fliers inviting people to become Christians. Remind a Christian friend that Jesus loves them. Bring Jesus around the block by the way you live life in your community.

Bring Jesus to work or to school. Ask Christian classmates or colleagues if they believe in God and explain to them what you believe. Tell them about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.

Introduce Jesus to your family if they don't already know him. Think about who else you could introduce him to. Then, one day, he'll welcome you into his neighborhood above.



Allexandra Sanvictores
Allexandra Sanvictores
Dec 29, 2021

Knowing how you can introduce Jesus Christ to a lot of people is already a good deed from heaven. I believe that this kindness will help us open big doors with opportunities throughout our life. It can also save your world if you believed that Jesus is the Savior and our Lord. This website reveals how I can introduce Him from within the depth of my passion.


Nov 27, 2021

There is absolutely no other way to express our believe rather than our conducts. We live in the image of Jesus and our actions will showcase Christianity like a mirror.


Oct 30, 2021

Thanks, Paul.

Indeed we should always go around with Jesus (Gospel). More importantly, in whatever we do, Jesus should be reflected. Live for Jesus

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