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You Don't Have To Listen To It

Don't feel you need to listen to talk that doesn't sound right, even if it comes from people that support a way of thinking you support.

You may hear them say things that don't sound right at all.

Christians, not everyone who supports a general side of a way of thinking supports it in the right way. You may hear them say things that don't sound right at all. You may end up feeling that you should either accept what they say because they are on a side you support or you may even decide this way of thinking must not be right after all.

However, you shouldn't necessarily do either. What they are saying may really be wrong, but the side they support may still be right. They may be talking about it using the wrong reasoning, and that could be what is confusing you.

You want to see if you can find reasons that you feel soundly support that way of thinking that are independent of what you may hear some people say that doesn't sound right. Simply jumping to another position could land you in a way of thinking that is flawed at the core. Likewise, simply accepting what you hear when it doesn't sound right could also lead to accepting ideas that are deeply flawed. Exceptions include talk that may be difficult to accept because it goes against mainstream thinking but honest reflection still points to its value.



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