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Why This Site Was Started

Paid spokesperson Jenny Lew welcomes you to the Christian Kingdom Alliance.

It is hoped that the messages on this site will bring you back.

You may be wondering what this site is really about and why you should care. Someone started this site who realized that Christianity was being abandoned on a large scale. This concerned him because it meant the abandonment of values concerning a real and deep sense of empathy, how people should treat each other, and God. He also recognized that those who still believed in God and these values were often scattered across areas where they were made to feel that they shouldn’t talk about their beliefs. This site was created as a call for Christians to unite, as a reminder to Christians who feel isolated that there are still others who think as they do, and as a broadcast of messages that have been lost to mainstream society.

If you do not have any religious beliefs, this site concerns you as well. It is hoped that in familiarizing you with the real messages of Christianity that you will consider joining Christians in living a life that embraces friendship, forgiveness, peace, freedom, and equality in their most real and sincere forms. It may also be that you were Christian but now no longer consider yourself a Christian. It is hoped that the messages on this site will bring you back.

This is a movement started on the street in a sense. It is not backed by any large organizations at this time. It is expected to grow through people like you who read these messages and then pass them on when you are walking with a group of friends to the gym or a cafe. It is hoped that people will care because it concerns profound teachings about empathy, the way people should treat each other, and a teacher named Jesus who suffered terrible beatings and murder to teach people about real love and offer them a life beyond this one.



Jun 27, 2021

A helpful website to help others explore if Christianity is for them.


May 11, 2021

Thank you for taking such a noble initiative towards the greater good of the Christian Community. In a true sense, Christians are not alone, we are always backing each other up. And while looking for more knowledge into the depths of our Religion, Your website is truly a blessing.


Apr 10, 2021

A lot of prospective worshipers may be timid or unsure about attending church simply because they haven’t been to one before and are afraid of being rejected or being perceived as an outcast.

This website is really a big help to those who really doesn't know what to believe, it's a big enlightenment for them to know more about Christianity.

Kudos to the founder of this site. God bless you.

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