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Thoughts On Heaven

How possible is it that heaven exists, and what could it be like?

Even some secular scientists believe in alternative dimensions.

Considering the wonder of human consciousness and the complexity of the universe, is it so difficult to believe that there is a dimension beyond the present where the mind reawakens that is called heaven? Even some secular scientists believe in alternative dimensions. The fact that buildings are not plainly standing on the clouds above hardly suggests that there is not a state of existence beyond the present.

However, if it is real, what is it like? Some have wondered if it would even be boring because wrong would never be done there. The answer could have to do with the fact that the God who created the human mind and heart, and many different ones, would know exactly what would make heaven both good and full of happiness and excitement for all who entered there.

It is not right to pretend to believe what shouldn't be true, but this is not the case. Once again, some secular scientists believe in alternative dimensions and the wonders of the universe and human consciousness suggest that a thinking being could awake again in another place. Also, if one believes in an omnipotent creator, doesn't it make sense that he could create a place such as heaven?



Jun 28, 2021

In my own view Heaven is a reflection of the ideal world and hell is a reflection of the world we really want to avoid.

Reward and punishment is used to control our actions in the real world.


Jun 27, 2021

The idea of the existence heaven sure makes the hard times in life a lot easier.


Jun 17, 2021

Believers with true intent will surely believe in waking up to a dimension where there would be no disputes, arson, or ill. And this world itself will be the heaven if we abide bu the true teachings of Christianity.

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