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The Role Of The Youth

Do you have a child in high school who has a strong interest in their faith?

Creating a club lets other Christian students know that they are not alone.

Young people in public high schools shouldn’t doubt the role they can play in reintroducing Christianity to the public. They don’t need money, and they can start planning how to help the cause in between their algebra and coding homework. One way they can invite their peers to think about Christianity and support their classmates who are already Christian is to start a Christian club at school.

Creating a club lets other Christian students know that they are not alone. It allows Christian students to share their beliefs and support each other within the context of their daily lives and keeps them from feeling that Sunday is the only time reserved for meeting with like-minded people. Starting a Christian club also creates an awareness among youth in general that people their age can also be Christian.

It could be that you have a child in high school who has a strong interest in their faith. Try encouraging him or her to start thinking about how they could create an awareness of Christianity at school, such as by starting a Christian club. It could provide them with a valuable leadership experience that inspires them to continue uniting and supporting the Christian faithful in college and beyond.



Jun 27, 2021

Clubs of any nature help people feel surrounded by likeminded people. Religious clubs are no different and definitely a way to keep kids and young adults interested and passionate about their faith.


Jun 17, 2021

Even many adults hesitate from letting their faith show and it is even more difficult for kids and teens to do so. They fear being judged, bullied, and left alone. I faced these and I know what I was going through. I almost lost faith until my parents could grasp the depth of my problems and helped me get up. If I had support before, I wouldn't have had to go through such a blackhole.

And creating Christian friendly clubs will only mean keeping the adolescents more keen on Christianity and be strong in their actions.


Apr 12, 2021

This is the most common faith structure found among adolescents. Their world begins to expand far beyond the limits of the family. Friends, school, work, church youth group, sports teams and the media all demand their attention. Their faith must provide coherence and meaning to these new experiences. It is synthetic, not in the sense of being false, but in that it is shaped by interpersonal relationships.

This interpersonal orientation is geared to bring a sense of unity to the individual, as they try to integrate their own religious views with the incompatible views of others. It is conformist in nature as youth are highly aware of the opinions, expectations and judgments of significant others, and as their identity is…


Jan 26, 2021

Only when parents bring Christ at home they will have the courage to take up their responsibility as Christians of their homes in the same way that they take up the responsibility as primary caretakers of their children in all other facets of life. Parents need to realize that this is the way that God intended it from the very beginning.

The youth is responsible for one another in the sense that they care for each other and help each other where possible. In order to minister effectively to the youth, it is very important to understand the essence of who they are and how to create a safe haven for them.

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