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The Psychology Behind Doing Good

What is deep within the desire to do good?

Part of it can be seen as a desire to protect what is precious.

What is deep within the psychology behind doing good? Part of it can be seen as a desire to protect what is precious. On the other hand, a mindset bent against good tends to hate what is delicate and innocent. It even enjoys bending and breaking what is precious.

Understanding why people genuinely want to do good can help dispel the resentment some people feel when they hear Christians talk about doing good. Some people can see talk of good and bad as arrogant or controlling because of how such talk has been misrepresented in the past. Understanding the desire to do good in this context and in relation to Christianity can also help encourage people from the public to consider becoming Christian.

Real good shouldn’t be thought of as a list of austere rules to follow that are little understood. Real good has to do with wanting people to be safe and happy. Christians who help people understand what is behind an authentic desire to do good will both strengthen the faith of other Christians and win over new Christians from the public.


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07 jun 2022

I feel like doing real good comes from within. When you understand that we’re all loved by the same God you realize we are more the same than different. Doing good makes the world a better place!

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12 mar 2022

Right, good and bad is not something tha is written and tested. Everything has a good and a bad side, and it is our duty to do a did that is good for that particular situation.

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Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
15 ene 2022

I think one should strive to "do good" just for bragging rights or because it's "part of the rules." Goodness must be done because it's necessary to help others.

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Allexandra Sanvictores
Allexandra Sanvictores
29 dic 2021

I think being good is the real sign of sincere and grateful faith. I am fond how your blogs are transparent and sees every side of the story. You see, He prepared us beforehand to walk with good in this world. So if one is not genuine on doing it, may Christianity devour their souls.

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