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The Good Samaritans Of The Christian Liberation Movement

The social support of Non-Christians is needed.

They are needed to help repair and rebuild the Christian community.

Helping up a stranger who has been shoved on the ground will become a symbol of the Christian liberation movement. Not only Christians but also Non-Christians from the public square are being asked to help break down stereotypes concerning Christianity and begin picking up the broken pieces of churches and Christian society. Non-Christians are needed to help repair and rebuild the Christian community. The Christian liberation movement will not be a movement of Christians against the rest of the public square.

When they hear people complaining of the reemergence of Christiaity’s presence in the public, Non-Christians are gently asked to not be drawn into their anger. Non-Christians are also asked to speak on behalf of Christians who want more freedom to begin talking about their faith in public again. Non-Christians who want to stand on behalf of Christians who are openly mocked for this will help pick up a category of people who have been knocked to the ground.

Those who open their hands and embrace the hands of the fallen Christian public will help pull a people out of a state of oppression. They will be the Good Samaritans of this age. The Christian people will need support from within and without.



Mar 12, 2022

Totally agreed! Just helping someone understand Christianity better and embrace it fully makes us a good Samaritan .


Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
Jan 15, 2022

We need more people with Samaritan hearts in the world


Allexandra Sanvictores
Allexandra Sanvictores
Dec 29, 2021

I believe that a Church grows through Biblical Teaching, continual faith, and a strong vision and mission to help other people engage in Christianity. As a person with a Samaritan heart, one should lead the purpose of this mission. Especially if you have special social support networks. Like what you are doing on your blog! So please continue inspiring others.

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