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The Elderly

Who could use your help as a Christian?

The very elderly are a population who have lost many loved ones and friends.

Starting programs for the elderly is a wonderful way for Christians to help better the lives of other people. The very elderly are a population who have lost many loved ones. They’ve lost parents, spouses, and siblings.

Starting programs that help lift the weight of sadness, loss, and loneliness from their daily lives could involve training visitors to visit them regularly. Such programs already exist, but many more could be formed. Individual Christians who want to volunteer at nursing homes can also make a big difference.

Individual visitors and people planning to start programs should keep in mind that it is essential to pay close attention to what elderly people say about the losses they’ve experienced and other painful situations from their lives because these are highly sensitive topics. If they feel that their visitors aren’t really paying attention, then they can be deeply hurt. However, people who show genuine concern for what they’ve experienced and what they have to say can be just like Jesus for them, giving them real friendship, healing them, and filling them with hope for tomorrow.


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30 aug. 2022

Yes, it is crucial that we connect to our elders. they have seen the ups and downs in life and at their last age, when they have almost no friend or anyone to look up to, it is very easy to get depressed and upset. So, it is our duty to be more attentive to them and take care of them.


Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey
06 aug. 2022

Taking care of the elderly requires one to be sensitive and patient. Most times the elderly among us need someone to talk to, share experiences with or run some errands. Every Christian community should look out for its elderly members.

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