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The Christian Underground

Those who try to revive the faith of Christians and unite them can feel at times as if they are part of a Christian underground.

Churches are empty and abandoned.

How many Christians secretly feel that Christianity cannot be revived? Churches are empty and abandoned. The inclination to mention God outside of Church can be intimidating. One can feel that it is not even worth trying, even though one wants to try. However, there are others who also want to try. Christians need to realize that they can connect on a large scale and that they do not need to hide who they are from the public.

It can almost feel wrong to want to talk about Christianity and think of uniting Christians because of the way society has made Christians feel. Christians have been made to feel that they should keep their beliefs quiet. They have been made to feel that their beliefs are antiquated and have no place in modern society. Those who do try to revive the faith of Christians and unite them can feel at times as if they are part of a Christian underground.

However, what starts as a whisper on the street, in a taxi, or at a basketball court could burgeon into a large-scale movement. The change two or three try to make in one place could quickly be connected to what two and three try in another, and what seemed like an impossible effort that no one wanted to pay attention to could gain national attention. It is not hopeless or too late for Christianity. Every Christian who reads this can start making a difference now.



Jun 27, 2021

Those who truly believe, will always find and connect with others who do so no matter what. Nobody should be afraid to talk about their religion openly.


May 11, 2021

It is really hard these days to believe what is right rather than just going with the flow and dopamine rush. And the few who actually preach and follow are always in the shadow feeling abandoned and alone. But WE ARE HERE.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You have a greater community backing you up. A community that understands and learns the religion like you do.


Mar 01, 2021

I have friends from different countries that don't allow Christianity. But because of their strong Faith in Jesus, they do Christian underground.

Inside a small cramped apartment, a group of 10 people studies the Bible and sings hymns. They make their home as the church, attendees run the constant risk of harassment, and sometimes detention, by the authorities.

Keep our Faith in Jesus and don't let anyone make hindrance to love HIM.

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