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Talk Shows And The News

How can talk shows and the news help give Christians a voice in a real and fair way?

There are talk shows and news organizations who aren't Christian who will give a Christian speaker a fair shake.

It is a good idea for Christian writers, musicians, and entertainers to speak about their faith on the news and on talk shows. Christians can contact those organizations with that interest. Having Christian celebrities speak on the news and on talk shows brings Christianity into the public conscience in a fair and direct way. The impact includes giving Christians a voice in the public square.

The talk shows and news channels do not have to be on TV. Talk shows and news channels on sites such as YouTube with large numbers of followers can also quickly convey a Christian presence to the general public. For example, actors and actresses who speak about their faith on a site such as YouTube can quickly have a real impact on many people and change lives.

However, it needs to be considered in advance if the talk show or news channel will be fair to the Christian speaker. There are talk shows and news organizations who aren’t Christian who will give a Christian speaker a fair shake. In fact, it is best for a Christian celebrity to be on a non-Christian news channel when it comes to reaching the general public.


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04 lug 2022

Yeah! That’s it. To create awareness, Christian celebrities speaking on non-Christian channels could make a larger impact. Well-done!

Mi piace

01 lug 2022

When it comes to politics and current events, it can be hard for people with different worldviews to find middle ground. But conversations like the ones you mentioned do build bridges. Worth a shot, I'd say.

Mi piace

Precious Enshii
Precious Enshii
09 giu 2022

Jesus tells us, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” ut if we’re going to seek the truth and share it with others, we’re going to have to step outside our echo chambers.

Mi piace
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