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Start A Forum

Are you a college instructor or student with an interest in creating a space for a Christian dialogue?

Students can practice how they will answer questions in small groups before the forum starts.

If you are a college student or instructor, consider starting a forum on campus for Christians who want to express what challenges they feel Christianity faces at this time and what can be done to solve those challenges. The school news team or even a local news group could be called in to observe and share what is discussed. These discussions and fair reporting can help raise awareness of what Christians experience with the disappearance of Christianity from the public.

A moderator can develop open-ended questions for a forum based on prior meetings with a group of Christian students and/or instructors. Students can practice how they will answer questions in small groups before the forum starts. A mic can be helpful for making their voices heard during the forum if it is in a large space.

Audiences could potentially be invited. Multiple forums could be held after the first. Forums could be held in places such as an eating area or lecture hall.


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01 déc. 2022

A speaker with a great deal of humility. This sounds like information that every Christian needs to know. Creating a forum can be an excellent opportunity to connect with other Christians and engage in meaningful conversation about issues that are relevant to your religion. It is also a wonderful opportunity to share your faith with others and evangelize the world around you.


Sheikh Tashfeah Tabassum
Sheikh Tashfeah Tabassum
09 nov. 2022

Opening forums in a gathering of young, talented people will surely help us grow and make our Christian opinions and understanding more public. Amazing idea!

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