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Should Christian Children Celebrate Halloween?

Parents should set aside time on Halloween to teach their children about famous Christians.

Then, children will not only enjoy the light in a glowing Jack-O-Lantern on this day but also the light in a warm and loving heart.

As more people become Christians, more people will begin to ask if their children should celebrate Halloween. Although Halloween does have non-Christian roots, there are ways for Christian youth to enjoy the modern celebration of this holiday without going against Christian principles.

Christians can help their children pick out Halloween costumes that do not conflict with Christian morals by helping their children understand why their costumes should not be gory. Parents should also steer children away from costumes expressive of humor that children shouldn't entertain. Skeleton and ghost costumes that meet these expectations are good examples of what children can choose because they represent iconic Halloween characters.

It also needs to be remembered what the Church wants people to appreciate most on this day, which is the lives of famous Christians. Parents should set aside time to teach their children about the saints on Halloween. Then, children will not only enjoy the light in a glowing Jack-O-Lantern on this day but also the light in a warm and loving heart.


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27 juin 2021

I always felt like Halloween is a time for creative costumes anyway instead of generic or popular options. Luckily, Christians can be creative; there is a lot of room for Christians to make creative costume choices and have fun celebrating while keeping within the rules of their religion.


06 déc. 2020

If the roots are firm, the tree naturally grows out to be stronger. Halloween and other modern celebrations are fine as long as it does not oppose our beliefs and morals. Talking our kids into the real impacts of Christianity would not be boring if we start doing it early, I believe!


04 déc. 2020

Yes, I really believe that Halloween, albeit once a non-Christian holiday, has lost much of its original meaning and is now a day when children can have fun dressing up and eating candy. That being said, it is also a great opportunity to teach children about Christianity’s own connection to Halloween, and celebrate well-known Saints and Christians. Halloween alternatives are also an especially fun, safe way to make sure your kids still feel included.

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