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Progress And Statistics

How can progress towards the goals of a movement be measured?

One way is by aligning goals with statistics.

Once there is a unified Christian movement, one that is widely known and has a name, how will its progress be measured? One way is by aligning goals with statistics. For example, one goal will be to increase church attendance. Statistics for how many Christians currently go to church could be researched and then later measured against how many Christians attend church one or more year laters to look at the difference.

In some cases, statistics will need to created. There may not be statistics for a current goal. The current statistics for a goal may also be outdated.

Measuring the progress of goals can have multiple benefits. For example, it can help Christians gauge if their current strategies are effective or if they should change strategies. Statistics is not the only means of measuring progress and some goals cannot be measured by statistics, but it is generally considered to be a very good method of analysis across purposes and disciplines.



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