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Out Of The Box & Into The Public Square

Christians, we will need to create our own dialogue and bring it to the public square.

We will need to think outside of the box to bring Christianity back into the public square.

At this time, there is not a prominent dialogue in society about the disappearing presence of Christianity. It is not a regular conversation on mainstream channels and most people are not talking about it at work. Christians, we will need to create that dialogue and bring it to the public square. Mainstream thinking would have us abandon Christianity altogether. We will need to think outside of the box to bring Christianity back into the public square.

One way to step out of the box is to realize that it is not wrong to talk about God in public. Current thinking wants us to believe that we shouldn’t mention God outside of Church, specifically religious channels, and private forms of communication. Another step outside the box will be to realize that our isolated voices in many places can become one large and sweeping voice through social media and other modern means. Do not discount technology and realize that it can be harnessed to revive Christianity’s presence.

Outside of the box, we may find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of change. We need to be thinking of creative solutions to bring the Christian message of genuine love and kindness back into the public. Christians need to once more be able to feel that they can talk about God openly at work and school. We need to find ways to live and talk about our faith in the public so that Christianity can once more enrich public life. It can be done.



Jun 24, 2020

It is crucial for us to discuss our ideas of religion among people. It is true that we do not talk about Jesus outside of religious occasions when we should be open with our thoughts. Sharing and talking about Jesus Christ would only let us flourish..


Jun 16, 2020

The only reason this is happening is because we don't have Christians in high places. The people running the leadership, controlling things are not Christians. Until Christians start taking responsibilities and finding their ways into the strong offices in nations, we might probably not find our way out of the box.


Audrina Bieber
Audrina Bieber
Jun 15, 2020

We definitely need to preserve Christianity. It is one of the most peaceful and life-enlightening religions. Jesus loves us all!

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