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Not A Game

Is life just a game?

It isn’t right to look at life as a game because a person’s freedom isn’t a game.

Some look at the religion a person chooses and the political party they join as little more than choosing roles in games. They don’t see inherent truth in a particular position. They themselves choose politics and a belief system based on what works for them in their context, which can be based on what gives them the social status they want and allows them to satisfy self-centered interests.

However, a person’s religious and political affiliations should not be seen as part of a game where no real truth and value is involved. Political ideas, such as protecting religious freedom, shouldn’t be seen as just playing pieces. Whether a person supports the freedom of another human being to believe in their deity openly shouldn’t be a matter of which party they happen to support as part of a self-centered contest.

It isn’t right to look at life as a game because a person’s freedom isn’t a game. Christians especially should realize that the politics they follow and the religion they follow are not like choosing jersey colors and that they should pursue their beliefs in earnest to help fulfill their mission as Christians to lead Christ-like lives and to help protect the presence of Christianity in the public square.


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12 mars 2022

Our choices have a way deeper impact than we would like to believe. It represents who we are and how we perceive things. And as a good Christian, we should always keep our beliefs in mind to make everyone aware of how Christianity can be a blessing.


Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
15 janv. 2022

You bring up very good points, I really enjoyed this article

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