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Modern Examples

Updated: Feb 26

Show Christians how Jesus's teachings apply to their lives today.

How can a teaching apply to decisions about working from home?

For those of you thinking of how to teach others about Christianity, one area to emphasize is giving modern examples of how to apply Biblical principles. Even after about 2000 years, the teachings of Jesus apply to life today in the most profound ways, but understanding the ways in which those teachings apply can require guidance. This goes beyond the step of explaining what a teaching or parable generally means.

For example, how can the meaning of a teaching you explained apply to decisions people make on social media? How can the meaning of a teaching apply to political decisions on social issues that are currently on the ballot? How can a teaching apply to decisions about working from home?

Otherwise, a Christian might believe the general meanings of parables and teachings that are explained to them without realizing how to apply them in a number of cases. Helping other Christians understand the applications of Christian teachings aid them in recognizing how to apply those teachings directly to their lives in modern contexts. This allows them to personally gain more from Christian teachings and also pass those benefits along to others, including other members of the public who aren't Christian.



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