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Why is metacognition essential to Christian thinking?

Metacognition is thinking about thinking.

As dialogues become more prominent surrounding authentic Christian thinking, it will be noted that metacognition is an essential quality. Metacognition is thinking about thinking. Metacognition is an essential quality because a lot of misunderstandings and biases can be overcome by trying to understand the thinking of both others and oneself.

An example of thinking about one’s own thinking could involve considering why one dislikes another person. Upon analyzing one's own reasons for not liking a classmate, for example, one might realize they have little to nothing to do with what that classmate has actually done wrong and is mostly based on some form of jealousy. Realizing one's problem with that person is a fault of one's own, it can make it easier to change one's attitude toward that person and start treating them better.

Thinking about thinking can be critical in many situations such as these when it comes to what it means to authentically think as a Christian. It helps Christians to be more understanding and treat people better. It is also just as valuable for non-Christian members of the public.

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