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Insights And Stereotypes

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Real good isn't a cold construction of behavior. It is insight instead.

This insight encourages warmer and more fraternal behavior.

In confronting stereotypes about the idea of good, Christians will need to dispel the idea that good is a cold construction of behavior from the past that was thought to be useful. Real good actually tries to remedy cold behavior. This includes remedying cold behavior that arises from the lack of insight that a Christian moral code provides.

For example, consider the natural human tendency to complain about someone else's mistake while trying to hide a more problematic mistake of one's own. The insight of Christian teaching, on the other hand, helps people see the flaw in coldly turning a blind eye to one's own problem while harshly criticizing a more minor one caused by someone else. This insight encourages warmer and more fraternal behavior.

Today, criticisms about good are pervasive. They have become stereotypes that have been rehashed endlessly. Although some of these criticisms originally tried to address misuses of morality from the past, they are now only stereotypes that discourage people from understanding what good really is. Now, Christians need to work hard to reteach what good genuinely is and to dispel stereotypes about good that actually end up encouraging cold behavior.


3 comentarios

16 abr 2022

I really appreciate this. Let Christianity actually mean more than what you read and do behind closed doors. Let that good be shown to all!

Me gusta

11 mar 2022

I love to read such posts where I see Christians vouching for the real good. Thanks for covering this topic.

Me gusta

08 mar 2022

An insightful read. Definitely makes me think about how I define 'good,' and if it's in alignment with what God says is good. Thank you for this.

Me gusta
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