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Independent Actor

Christians are called to act independently of others when the group of people they are with is making decisions that hurt others or are wrong in other ways.

Sometimes, just showing someone that one is trying to help when no one else is is what really makes the difference.

Considering the empathy at the heart of the Christian psyche, Christians should feel compelled to act differently from the people around them in situations where someone is being mistreated or something else bad is happening. Christians should not only feel this way but also understand that it is not wrong for them to act independently of the people around them for this reason. Christians can be hesitant to do this for reasons such as a fear of the consequences or the feeling that the group probably knows more than they do.

However, a person who acts on the teachings of Jesus and the empathy these teachings nurture, acts on wisdom that has been seen by countless people as truly profound and egalitarian. It is true that there can still be consequences for not joining in with what others are doing, but a Christian is called to think about how they would hope to be helped by someone if they were being mistreated in a given context. A Christian should not feel that they don't have the understanding to act independently and they should see the value of acting on their own as worth the consequences they may need to subsequently face.

It does need to be kept in mind that some minor matters are best let go for reasons such as the possibility that interfering in them could make them much worse and bear severe consequences with only a little good hoped to be achieved. Even so, there are many situations in life, where a Christian can make a real difference. Sometimes, just showing someone that one is trying to help when no one else is is what really makes the difference.



Sheikh Tashfeah Tabassum
Sheikh Tashfeah Tabassum

Every act of kindness, no matter the extent, always makes a difference around us and in our lives..


Allexandra Sanvictores
Allexandra Sanvictores

Thank you Paul for reminding us that helping other people is what we are suppose to do as Christians. We are suppose to help others in need. We are suppose to be kind and help others in any way we can. Especially today that there are so many bad things happening in our world.

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