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Why should people be honest?

The reason why a person is lying can speak to that question.

As more people begin learning about Christian morality again, some will ask what it matters if a person lies as long as they can get away with it. The reason why a person is lying can speak to that question. For example, if a person lies to someone because they don’t care if the other person finds out the right information, that shows a lack of care for other people. Even if that other person doesn’t find out the wrong information was given to them intentionally, the person who lied lives with the consequence of devaluing other human beings in their mind and heart.

There are reasons not to tell the truth, however. If someone asks a friend what they think of a story they had poured hours into, it wouldn’t be right for the the friend to hurtfully say it was awful as a gut reaction. As it has been written, this is because honesty is also connected to tact and kindness as an integral part of truth. That is not to say that a person needs to be honest at times about difficult matters, but it isn’t right to say whatever comes to mind when it’s hurtful to others either.

As with other Christian values, being honest is not just a rule to follow. It is connected to a healthy and enlightened way of living that helps Christians and others lead better lives. A person who is honest with others values others in their mind and heart because their lives matter.



Jul 04, 2022

I'm interested in your commentary on tact and kindness. I think there are often ways to maintain honesty while not being hurtful. Like in your story example--I might say something like "I'm honored that you let me read this. It seems like something you put a lot of time into. I enjoyed your creativity, but some parts were a little hard to follow. Would you like constructive feedback?" Those words are gentle, yet truthful. I think there are always ways to be honest.


Precious Enshii
Precious Enshii
Jun 09, 2022

Honesty is the core of all relationships. It helps to build better and stronger bonds


May 19, 2022

Honesty is the best policy! I do agree though that there are times when you must pause and make sure your words don't hurt another person intentionally. You can think the truth to yourself and still be kind to the other person.

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