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Extending The Church Community

The role Christians play within the church community needs to be extended to public life outside their parish as well.

The new movement of Christianity will need to be a public movement.

Christians who try to be active in their church community are to be commended, but there is another role Christians need to also play that is being largely neglected. The presence of Christianity is practically non-existent in many public places. In the public, Christians can be intimidated or embarrassed to even mention that they are Christian. The social forces keeping Christianity out of the public sphere also hinder new Christian membership, which is why the Christian communities that are still active are also dwindling.

The new movement of Christianity will need to be a public movement. It will need to advocate for Christian freedom of expression in the public square. It will also need to position itself as a viable viewpoint that is acceptable for people from the public to adopt.

The message Christians discuss at church should not be seen as useless in their public lives. They should also not be persuaded to think that it is inappropriate or offensive for them to bring up their views at work, school, and in the context of political discussions. The active role Christians play at church and within the church community should be extended to the lives they live outside their parish.

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