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Easter Cannot Be Forgotten

People need to be reminded of who and what Easter is about.

Christians can start reviving the Easter spirit by reminding their children of the love of Jesus during an Easter egg hunt.

Easter is mentioned much less than it once was by either Christians or the general public. Easter celebrates the belief that Jesus, a real historical figure who taught about love and kindness, came back to life after being tortured and killed. As some scholars have pointed out, it isn’t likely that his closest followers, who had been in hiding after his death, would have suddenly risked their lives to come out into the open and say they had seen him alive again if it hadn’t been true. That is why Easter also celebrates a belief that is not devoid of possibility.

The Jesus that Easter celebrates taught people how to treat one another in a fair and understanding way. He taught people not to try to condemn others without thinking of their own faults first. Jesus taught people to show compassion to others, even people who were very different from themselves. He also wasn’t afraid to be around people who were considered outcasts because he cared about all people. Did he also not encourage people to give to the poor? This is the Jesus that Easter celebrates.

Christians should try to revive the Easter season and keep it alive year after year by playing a more involved role in reminding each other what and who Easter is about. They should also look for more ways to respectfully share their beliefs about Easter with the rest of the public to help them find more of an interest in acknowledging it. Easter celebrates a love and hope that society at large should see as a positive presence in the public square. Christians can start reviving the Easter spirit by reminding their children of the love of Jesus during an Easter egg hunt.


3 commentaires

27 juin 2021

Easter is always a great reminder of who Jesus’s was and what Christianity stands for.


11 mai 2021

When I was younger, Easter was merely a national holiday to me, more like a part of the American culture. And I think many Christians are still there nor understanding what it completely is. Thank you for sharing the info with a generation that needs to understand the significance of Easter.


09 avr. 2021

Between the egg hunts and chocolates, it’s easy to overlook the real meaning of Easter. Talking to your kids about Jesus’ life and incorporating your faith into your Easter traditions will help children understand what Easter is all about. Make sure that they understands that things like candy, eggs, and the Easter bunny are not why we celebrate Easter, that Jesus's death, burial, and resurrection and the chance at eternal salvation is why we celebrate. Easter is a time to celebrate a Risen Savior who loved us all so much that He came to die for our sins.

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