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Christian Gatekeepers

Strive to be Christian gatekeepers.

However, they will not be gatekeepers interested in keeping people out.

To help protect Christian equality in the public, young Christians should strive to be societal gatekeepers. However, they will not be gatekeepers interested in keeping people out. They will be gatekeepers who help make sure Christians are not locked out.

For example, young Christians interested in writing should pursue publishing jobs with an intent of making sure Christian voices that deserve to be published are published. Young Christians pursuing work in television should do so with a hope to use their positions to make sure that Christian scripts that deserve airtime receive airtime. Young Christians pursuing work in the law will want to use their positions to make sure that Christians get a fair shake in legal disputes.

Protecting other Christians and being a role model for how to fairly and successfully serve society should be a serious motivation for young Christians to study hard and work hard to find work that they both love and can endeavor in for the good of both Christians and non-Christians. Christians who already work should also be inspired to serve in their role with the interest of making sure Christians who use their services or come under their care in some way are treated fairly.



Jun 07, 2022

There are so many awesome platforms and ways to share the word of God these days! We are more blessed than ever to reach more people!


Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
Jan 15, 2022

I agree Christians should look out for one another and create safe spaces


Allexandra Sanvictores
Allexandra Sanvictores
Dec 29, 2021

Our voice is a God-given talent to help other people find the Christian affirmation. It is important that we know how to teach and educate to convey passion and excitement to persons who are ready to change their lives. Inversely, if we know how to use our voice, we should to how to listen as well.


Nov 27, 2021

I aspire to be one! I believe, Christians like us need to be more open towards or people whith out making them feel like an outsider in a crowd.

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