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Ask To Know

Ask with an open mind.

Ask to know and not simply to disprove what seems out-of-the-ordinary.

When asking a question about religion or any subject that one may feel skeptical about, it is common to ask mainly for the purpose of finding fault. This will happen more commonly in relation to Christianity again as it once more becomes a focus of the public eye. However, those people should be encouraged to let both their natural intelligence and their hearts examine answers for the sake of discovery.

Ask to know and not simply to disprove what seems out-of-the-ordinary. An answer can be good, both reasonable and attractive to an open heart, but still ignored. A good answer can go unheard because the question that preceded it was only meant to catch someone in their words in the first place.

Also, just because a question couldn't be answered by one person who is knowledgable doesn't mean it couldn't be answered by someone else. And then, a question that no one can answer could still have a good answer that is waiting to be found. Seeking to understand without being held back by too much skepticism will help find those answers.


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09 janv. 2023

"In our world, its important to be critical and have questions. The Christian Kingdom Alliance is the perfect place to ask those questions, but more importantly receiving answers. I feel honored to have found this group."

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