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A Revolution At Church

What is a key way to help the modern Christian revolution?

Churches need to fill again with people of all ages.

Some Christians may be wondering now what a straightforward way is to help revive Christianity. Going to church on Sunday is a solid and tangible way of forwarding the modern Christian revolution. For those of you who believe but have not attended in some time, please return.

Churches need to fill again with people of all ages. Ask a friend to come with you who has thought about becoming a Christian. You could change their life.

For those of you who read these articles with interest without ever having been a Christian, you could take a step toward becoming a Christian and help the Christian revolution simply by going to church on Sunday. You, who aren't even yet a Christian, could help forward a modern revolution around a teacher who suffered and died teaching people to love one another.




Amazing words from the author. Surely the change begins with us and we should take an initiative that would lead us to becoming a better Christian. Simply going to church and taking our family and friends along would mean a lot!



Could not agree with this more. My pastor recently spoke on how much the pandemic has affected in-person worship and how that has changed the dynamic of the church. I pray we can all make attending services a priority!

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