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Share Ideas

Tell other Christians your idea.

You may know what could work best where you are.

Christians, share ideas with each other for how to reconnect Christians and renew Christianity's presence in the public eye. These ideas should be peaceful. However, they should still be backed by determination and a strong drive to see a change.

Many ideas could come into play simultaneously. Some ideas may work well in specific areas. You may know what could work best where you are.

It may also be that you are not Christian, but you still have an idea for what could help the modern Christian movement. Please share it. Your idea may be one of the best.


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Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey
19 gru 2022

Sharing ideas is a great way to growing the Christian community. Great content!.


01 gru 2022

Incredibly enlightening. He simplified the information so that it could be understood by anyone. If you’re a Christian, chances are you’ve had an idea for how to improve the Church or make it more effective in some way. But what do you do with that idea? How do you make sure other Christians hear about it and take it seriously? This blog post explores some ways to get your idea out there and make sure other Christians take notice.

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