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It Is Not Too Late

Christianity will not be phased out.

There is hope that many people can be brought to Christ again.

Many people think that Christianity is on its way out. They think it cannot be revived. They believe its presence cannot be influential again in the public. However, how did Christianity begin its rise in societies in the first place?

Think of the plights of early Christians who tried to teach people about Jesus who had never heard of him at the risk of being killed. Here and today, most Christians don’t need to worry about being killed when talking about Jesus. Christians today also have many free technological resources for reaching people quickly in large numbers.

Although Christianity is in a difficult state at this time, Christians still have many advantages when it comes to spreading Christianity today that they didn't have in the past. There is hope that many people can be brought to Christ again.


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Allexandra Sanvictores
Allexandra Sanvictores

Christianity has a long history and formation. There is no way that this major source of social services is going to fold up. We need to remember that the stories of miracles and healings today proved how Christianity is more powerful at present. Thankfully, your words recollect many aspects of it.



You are right. We have a lot more freedom when it comes to spreading our beliefs. And it is never late for any one to come under the light of the God.



Yes Paul, there's hope that many can still be brought to Christ.

With the resources, ww have at our reach (the technologies), it is even much easier to bring many to Christ.

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