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Helping Each Other Understand The Problem

Before Christians confront one of the main problems the Christian community faces on a large scale, that problem first needs to be understood and acknowledged by more Christian brothers and sisters.

It should be confronted peacefully but also with strength and determination.

For Christians to connect, support one another, and overcome the challenges they face to free public expression on a large scale, they will first need to understand and acknowledge the problem they face together. Christianity’s voice has been quieted in the public square and Christians can face consequences for simply expressing their faith publicly. However, a number of Christians do not understand or acknowledge this problem because they have been made to feel that they are not supposed to be talking about their faith publicly in the first place.

It is key for Christians to help each other understand that talking about their faith is not the same as forcing it on others and that religious freedom of expression includes the right to speak outside of church about one’s belief in Jesus and heaven. When Christians do not understand this difference, they do not understand or acknowledge the problem they need to grasp in order to join the Christian community in overcoming it. The result is that the Christian community becomes smaller, more disconnected, and less able to communicate publically.

Christians who help each other understand the problem also help each other to acknowledge the problem. As more Christians understand and acknowledge the problem, they are able to better confront it together. It should be confronted peacefully but also with strength and determination.

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