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Even Before

People can think of Christianity as a system of punishments for breaking rules that are only opinions, but it can be clearly shown why breaking many of those rules is wrong and consequential even before considering punishment on a supernatural level.

Mocking someone with a group of friends clearly breaks the Golden Rule, and most people would agree it isn't only an opinion that a person shouldn't try to hurt people for fun.

Some people see Christianity as a belief in punishments for breaking rules that are only opinions. However, it can be reasoned why the teachings of Christianity are not only opinions and that the natural consequences are real even before a punishment is taken into account. Consider an example where someone is trying to get a laugh out of his friends by making fun of a girl who is doing nothing wrong.

Mocking someone with a group of friends clearly breaks the Golden Rule, and most people would agree it isn’t only an opinion that a person shouldn’t try to hurt people for fun. The girl made fun of could end up feeling the pain of what was said for years. The person looking for a laugh may not believe in any kind of religion and be clever enough to avoid any reprimands, but what else could happen as a result of acting this way?

For one, it may eventually become more clear to him what kind of damage he has done and then he’ll be left with the thoughts of how many people have been affected. In some cases the person being mocked could lash out too. The reader may be able to think of other natural consequences as well. The wisdom of Christianity helps people avoid many plainly seen problems and consequences even before consequences on the religious level are considered. Christians who help free the public from the misunderstandings concerning the ideas of rules and punishments in Christianity will encourage more people to consider becoming Christian.



Dec 01, 2022

On a natural as well as a supernatural level, there are a myriad of distinct ways to conceive of and conceptualize the concept of punishment. The concepts of hell and damnation are frequently used to talk about punishment in Christian theology. On the other hand, there is a great deal more to the way Christians think about punishment than just this. In this post on his blog, he discusses some of the various facets of the concept of punishment in Christian theology. He explores not only the concept of hell and damnation but also other ideas like purgatory and salvation. At the end of this, every Christian ought to have a clearer knowledge of the Christian perspective on the subject…


Sheikh Tashfeah Tabassum
Sheikh Tashfeah Tabassum
Nov 09, 2022

True. Anything that is happening around us has consequences. Whether you believe in God or not, the activities we portray will have an impact; good or bad depends on how we act. And religion never teaches us anything anymore than what brings in the most.

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