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Agape Love In The Public Square

Parents show their children agape love.

In essence, it is about wanting to see the happiness of another person without requiring anything in return.

As talk of the truest form of Christian love becomes discussed once again in public, many people will learn about the term “agape love” for the first time (It is pronounced ow-GA-pay). Agape love was also discussed before the birth of Jesus on earth because the basic idea of it can be independently arrived at by reason, even though Jesus provided a full understanding of it. In essence, it is about wanting to see the happiness of another person without requiring anything in return. Parents show children agape love by loving them even when they misbehave or do not meet their expectations in other ways.

Agape love can be found in romantic love but only in genuinely romantic love that is found in committed relationships and healthy marriages. Most often, agape love is found in non-physical relationships. It can be shown toward people who are known or not known as well. It can be seen in a firefighter who breaks into a burning building to help someone she or he has never seen and may never see again. This is because agape love is not about how one person personally benefits from helping another. It involves seeing the worth of another human life and wanting to protect its welfare without requiring anything in return.

In fact, a key reason agape love is considered to be the highest form of love is because it is not based on how one personally benefits from it. It is not kindness shown out of a desire for intimacy, money, or respect but instead a genuine concern for another's welfare. It gives the most, it doesn't need to be returned, and it is shown the most genuinely. An example of showing agape love in its greatest form would be found in a situation where one decided to give one’s own life to save someone else who was about to lose theirs, which would show the greatest care for another person by giving them all that they could give. This is the love Jesus showed to humanity by example. However, agape love can still be shown to people on a daily basis at home, work, school, and all other spheres of public and private life.

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