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A Sinister Philosophy

There is an anti-Christian philosophy in society that needs to be named and watched out for.

It tries to take down Christian symbols from public places and pull Bibles from hotels.

There is a collective force aimed at suppressing Christianity in the public, and the philosophy behind it should be named. As it has been said in different ways, identifying and naming a problem can be half the battle. Seeing that the philosophy behind a force that would try to suppress a religion of love and compassion would be aptly named with a word that referred to what was sinister, a name could possibly be derived from that word.

The supporters of this philosophy do not like people mentioning that they are Christian in public. They try to take down Christian symbols from public places and pull Bibles from hotels. They scoff at Christian morality, and they publicly embarrass those who try to stand up for it.

This force consists of people, and they should not be hated, but it does need to be recognized and watched out for because it has done severe damage to the Christian people. It has played a significant role in erasing Christianity from the public square. Christians need to beware of this force and its tactics to counter its work through legal protection, non-violent social organization, and information dissemination.



Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
Oct 04, 2021

There is definitely an intolerance to religion in public spaces these days, not just limited to Christianity


Aug 29, 2021

Continue bringing to light the nefarious policies and ideologies of the enemies of the Kingdom. You are doing a great job, we need more blogs and platform to come out and say this things the mainstream wont say.


Aug 27, 2021

The best thing in my opinion that Christians can do is prove to others that their intentions are pure, honest, and kind. This will help disprove negative stereotypes and perhaps open people's eyes.


Aug 16, 2021

Someone had to stand up to these ideologies and make them understand what its consequences might be!


Aug 13, 2021

They may have been mislead. Continue to understand and welcome them to the truth and light.

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